Tsukuba University was established on October 1st, 1973 with the purpose of developing a base for new education and research as well as to build an international organization that is diverse and flexible. The chemistry department was also established at the same time. At Tsukuba, Faculty Members belong to one of 26 departments and conduct research according to their field. Currently, there are 12 professors, 8 associate professors, 11 instructors , 6 assistants and 4 assistant researchers in the chemistry department. The main fields of research include analytical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, inorganic physical chemistry, physical chemistry, organic physical chemistry, organic chemistry, organic synthetic chemistry, cosmochemistry, and functional molecular chemistry. In addition, these are energy and environmental chemistry. Professors conduct research in groups according to their field and also teach in the various educational organizations such as school of natural science for undergraduate students and graduate school (doctoral course in chemistry, master's course in science and engineering, environmental studies, education). In round-table discussions, the chemistry department faculty and steering committee examine the administration of the department and other important issues. Decisions are made in faculty meetings. Each professor, as a member of his or her respective committee, has a role not only in the administration of the chemistry department but in the University as a whole.

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